Georgia Child Support

Georgia Child Support

Going through a divorce with children can be a difficult process. In addition to dividing the assets obtained during your marriage, you must also deal with matters such as child support and custody. An experienced Georgia child support lawyer can work with you on these issues to ensure that you receive the financial support needed to raise your children.

Georgia law requires both parents to provide support for a child until he or she reaches 18 years of age or graduates from high school, whichever event occurs later. However, parents are not obligated to support a child in college.

To determine the Georgia child support amount, the court will apply the total monthly income of both parents to a child support obligation table as well as a child support worksheet. By referencing this table, the court can then prorate the obligation for each parent according to the percentage of each party’s income in relation to the total income. Once the court calculates the amount of child support, there is a general presumption that it is correct; however, if you believe there is a valid reason to deviate from these guidelines, a skilled family law attorney may be able to help.

The court may consider other factors in order to adjust the child support amount. Factors that could lead to a mandatory adjustment include: existing child support orders for other children, Social Security benefits paid to the children, health insurance and child care costs, and self-employment taxes.

The following factors may lead to an adjustment at the court’s discretion: large medical costs, large educational costs, parenting time provided by the noncustodial parent, a party’s financial obligations to another household, providing support in alternate ways (i.e., mortgage payments), financial needs on the part of one party (i.e., medical expenses).

Any child support modifications, whether higher or lower, may be made when there is a change in financial circumstances or income for either party or to meet the children’s current needs. The modification motion may be filed through the court after the divorce or the initial child support order.

Our law firm has helped families with Georgia child support matters for over 20 years. Thanks to her experience, she has successfully helped clients obtain a fair child support order so they can provide for their children.

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