Georgia Spousal Support

Going through a divorce is a painful and emotionally draining process. For some, it can also be a financially draining process, especially if you relied on your spouse for financial income. With a divorce on the horizon, your mind is racing wondering where you’ll find more income to maintain the lifestyle you’ve set for yourself during your marriage. At the The Head, Thomas, Webb & Willis Law Office, we have an experienced divorce legal team that can assist you in this process.

You’ve probably heard the word alimony used before, but today the courts recognize spousal support as the more common term. In essence, they both mean the same thing – one spouse supplying the other with a specified amount of income.

After reviewing your case, the attorney may then determine that spousal support is necessary. It will be the job of the judge to determine whether or not one spouse is entitled to financial support.

Depending on your case, it may be determined that spousal support is received either until a certain date, upon the remarriage or death of the spouse. Sometimes, each spouse will agree on the terms of spousal support instead of battling it out in court.

If you have children, child support is always considered before spousal support. And unlike child support, there is no predetermined amount. Child support is calculated using the child support guidelines' worksheet.

In many cases, judges won’t consider spousal support if both parties have maintained their own income now and throughout the marriage and are able to support themselves.

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